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Submersible Epistar 5050 iP68 300 LED Warm White Strip

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Submersible Epistar 5050 iP68 300 LED Warm White Strip

LED Strip Canada brings you the popular submersible iP68 LED Single Color Strip in its Ultra Bright version with the Submersible iP68 Ultra Bright Epistar 5050 Warm White 5 Meter LED Strip Kit. This kit offers you 300 Ultra Bright LED chips over the 5 meter spool, or if you prefer 60 LEDs per meter.

Ideal for outdoor lighting, it can also be used indoors in an environment where it can be exposed to liquid and humidity, like the kitchen or even for the living room aquarium. It is perfect to light up your recreational vehicle or your boat, thanks to its capability to be hooked up directly to a 12 Volt circuit.  The Cool White tone is mostly recommended for applications where wood and warm tints are predominating, like wood cabinets, for example. As always, our team is just a phone call away and will be more than glad to give you great advice should you be uncertain of which tone would be better for your project.

As bright as neon and powered by a supercharged 6 Amp transformer, the Ultra Bright Epistar 5050 Cool White 5 Meter LED Strip comes with a RF dimmer/controller and its own 3 key remote.  The Strip is protected by a thick silicone tube that makes it 100% waterproof and submersible at a depth of up to 10 meters.  Please note only the Strip is waterproof. The connectors on each end of the Strip, the controller as well as the remote must not come in contact with humidity or liquids since they are not waterproof.

The iP68 strips are not self adhesive, to maintain them in place we suggest using GE pure silicone and double-sided adhesive tape. Simply put the silicone on the back of the strip, then put the double-sided tape on top of the silicone. Once the silicone is dry, your strip is ready to install! Additional option when looking for a sharp and subtle way to hold your ip68 LED strips, the Silicone Mounting Brackets for LED Strips from LED Strip Canada are a great solution.

 If you are looking to install ip68 submersible LED strips to your awning, pool, deck, RV, boat, docks, or anything of that nature, we invite you to read our page on how to install your under awning LED strips.

Note about the 3 key dimmer:
If the dimmer is not connected properly, the strip will turn on but the remote won’t work. In order for the remote to work, you need to connect the power supply in the dimmers INPUT, the strip connects in the OUTPUT. If once connected properly the remote doesn’t work, keep the on/off button pushed down for about 30 secs, till the strips starts blinking. That will resync the dimmer with the remote.

do you have the spec sheet for this strip. do you have the lumens per foot for this tape.

Thanks, Michael

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How many meters can be connected end to end?

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