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Multi Flex RGB LED Strip Kit



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Multi Flex RGB LED Strip Kit

With the 150 LED Multi Flex RGB LED Strip Kit from LED Strip Canada, no more looking left and right to find the kit you need. All possible options can now be found in the Multi Flex kit. You can now create your own LED Strip kit starting at $54.95 for the wired controller kit. Whether you are looking to outline you kitchen cabinets with LED lighting or to enhance your living room lighting, you will find what you need among the numerous options found within the Multi Flex 150 RGB LED Strip kit. The pull down menu allows you to modify customize your RGB LED Strip according to your needs and wishes. In a click, you can upgrade your controller to either the standard IR 24 keys controller or to the most evolved of the IR controllers featuring 44 keys, allowing you to create custom colors.

You also get the possibility to go to the next level with our 10 key RF controller. The RF controller is ultra compact and aesthetic and gives you the possibility of controlling your RGB LED Strip from a distance up to 30 meters. Furthermore, the RF controller is easy to hide, as no captor is required to interact with the remote. With the Multi Flex kit, you also have the option of doubling the length of your LED RGB Strip. Go up to 20m of RGB150 or 10m of RGB300 in a single click. The iP65 Multi Flex kit allows you to adapt the PCB (printed circuit board) which is the strip on which the LEDs are installed to its new environment by choosing from two available colors (black or white).

iP68 waterproofing: 150 LED Multi Flex RGB LED Strip Kit ‘s iP68 strips are encased in a thick clear tube filled with silicon. Our ip68 LED strips are completely water proof. It’s the ideal LED strip for outdoor usage, for the boat, the RV or even for inside an aquarium. iP68 strips are submersible in up to 10 meters of water. Note that only the LED strip is water proof, the connectors at both ends of the strip, the controller and power supply are not waterproof and must not be in contact with water or moisture.

The iP68 strips are not self adhesive, to maintain them in place we suggest using GE pure silicone and double-sided adhesive tape. Simply put the silicone on the back of the strip, then put the double-sided tape on top of the silicone. Once the silicone is dry, your strip is ready to install! Additional option when looking for a sharp and subtle way to hold your ip68 LED strips, the Silicone Mounting Brackets for LED Strips from LED Strip Canada are a great solution.

If you are looking to install ip68 submersible LED strips to your awning, pool, deck, RV, boat, docks, or anything of that nature, we invite you to read our page on how to install your under awning LED strips.

Finally, if you opted for a 5 meter RGB LED Strip, you will be able to choose to power your strip with a standard electric power supply that requires a 120 volts power outlet or to go mobile with the portable battery pack.

For every 15m-20m RGB150 kit or 10m RGB300 kit, your package will include a T shape RGB splitter, which you need in order to split your circuit as evenly as possible. On longer circuits like these, some of the colors might tend to go off shade on the ends if power isn't distributed evenly (especially on white and yellow). As for the 10m RGB150 LED strip kit, it is not absolutely necessary to use a T shape splitter, but recommended in order to get optimal results.

Q: I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, can I cut and reconnect my LED strip?
A: Yes you can cut and reconnect your strip, to know how it’s done, visit the how to use solderless connectors page

How long does the LED can stay on using the battery pack?

Asked by Phil | 03/02/2014, 19:42 | 1 answer(s)


I'm looking at getting this RGB LED Strip kit and I was wondering if it's possible to cut these strips into about 2' pieces or does it have to stay in 1 long piece?

I'd like to put this under 4 of my cabinets that aren't attached together and I would like to connect it to a light switch if possible.

Let me know,


Asked by Jason | 08/19/2013, 14:09 | 1 answer(s)