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RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (150 LED)

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RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (150 LED)

LEDStrip.ca offers you this polyvalent 150 LED multi function RGB LED Strip kit. At only $59.95, it's the best value LED Strip kit available. This 150 LED complete kit is super bright and is ideal for most LED lighting projects. From the kitchen to the bedroom, LED strips offer creative options for upgrading the lighting of any room. Do you need more than 5 meters of LED strip to complete your project? Then take a look at the 10 meter RGB LED Strip kit.

This complete RGB LED strip bundle is perfect for under cabinet LED lighting, or to accentuate the lighting in your kitchen. This 150 LED RGB bundle is great for RV projects like under awning LED lights for example. Our LED strips can be used to set the mood in bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms and office reception area. It’s also the coolest way to decorate any vehicle, bar and display counter. Our LED strips are self adhesive and connect with simple plug and play connectors. They are great for creating the perfect lighting for everyday living to party lighting.

Q: I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, can I cut and reconnect my LED strip?
A: Yes you can cut and reconnect your strip, to know how it’s done, visit the how to use solderless connectors page

Specifications for the RGB LED Strip:

- Spill resistant* with 3M adhesive tape
- Suitable for outdoor and indoor (-10 to 40 ° C)
- 5 meter 30 LEDs per meter, totaling 150 LED lights
- LED Type: 5050 SMD (3 times brighter than standard LEDs 3528)
- Luminous intensity (mcd): Red / Green / Blue: 650/1000/400
- Includes a multi-function 24 keys remote with different light patterns and color selections
- 16 colors, you can also adjust the brightness
- 4 automatic color changing mode: Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth Change

*Please note that this product is spill proof but not water proof, make sure not to expose it to running water.

The RGB LED Strip Package Includes:

1-5 meter 150 LEDs 5050 RGB LED.
1-LED Control Box/Receiver
1-Remote control
1-Power supply (12v 3A)
1-Power cable

Note that if you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as double sided tape.

In this video we show you how to connect your RGB LED Strip:


can I control 5 different led strips with one remote all situated in different rooms and one of them will have to be seperated in two different lenghts

Asked by oliver bouvett | 06/12/2014, 11:30 | 1 answer(s)

I would like to know if the "RGB LED Strip with 24 Key Remote (150 LED)" is rain proof for under the awning installation. Sometimes in high wind/ rainstorms the awning cannot be extended, will the light strip be damaged by the rain?

Asked by Dianne | 04/04/2014, 16:11 | 1 answer(s)

1) What is the maximum distance the remote control will transmit and can it control more than one LED Strip?

2) Is a portable power supply option available?

Asked by Mark | 01/04/2014, 23:09 | 1 answer(s)

I want to use this to create a rectangle of 35'' X 38''

Will i have to buy 4 small strips. I saw that i can cut one large piece. Once i cut it, how can i use the parts not connected to the driver.

Asked by CSH | 09/14/2013, 00:30 | 1 answer(s)

can you connect led strips, I need 40 ft approx?

Asked by sam | 08/31/2013, 15:59 | 1 answer(s)

Can the 12V be used in a 12V system on a boat,where there is no 110V. How would the connectors work?

Asked by Hugh | 08/22/2013, 23:44 | 1 answer(s)

I am wondering if I can cut this strip and use remaining strips also?

Thank you

Asked by Amanda Graham | 06/17/2013, 02:21 | 1 answer(s)

I want to use this led strip under my kitchen cabinets but I only need 10 feet, can I cut it?

Asked by Majo45 | 03/27/2013, 21:29 | 1 answer(s)