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Weatherproof 1M LED Bar Kit

Weather Proof 1m LED Bar



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Weatherproof 1M LED Bar Kit

Looking for a safe, elegant and money saving solution for your bar, fridge or outdoor lighting? We just might have what you wanted all along: the Weatherproof 1M LED Bar from LED Strip Canada! This cool looking LED bar is well protected to face humidity and low temperatures, making it the ideal light for your bar, refrigerator, freezer, outdoor ceiling, gazebo, boat, etc. It comes fully finished and features 72 high intensity 5050 LEDs that produce brightness second to none. You can even combine up to 4 bars easily using the connectors on both ends!

Our kits include everything required to operate your new LED bar set up. We will provide you with the accurate power supply: 12V 2A for 1 Bar, 12V 3A for 2 Bars or 12V 6A for 3 or 4 Bars. For each 3 or 4 bar kit, we suggest using a DC Y-shape splitter to split the circuit in the middle and distribute the power as evenly as possible. The amount of desired bars can be selected in the drop down menu. The Bars can be joined together by using the connectors (also weatherproof) and you can also customize the wire length between each LED Bar by adding extra waterproof DC extensions, which you can select in the drop down menu.

The basic kit also comes with an on-off switch, but you can easily upgrade it to the RF 11-key remote & controller in the drop down menu. This RF setup uses radio frequencies and allows you to hide the controller and still be able to use the remote properly without having to point at anything.

Please note that the Weatherproof 1M LED Bars are well protected but not submersible. Keep in mind that you also need to make sure you protect your controller, power supply and extensions. You can get extra protection to the bar by adding a drop of silicone to the connector holes on each side. If you’re installing your kit in a humid, cold and/or exterior environment, it is preferable to keep the power supply protected from it. For example, if you’re putting LED bars in a refrigerator, keep the power supply outside of the fridge. For the superior option, we offer the possibility of changing your basic transformer for an Outdoor Dimmable Power Supply, which is fully protected. Note that this power supply is hardwired and will not allow the use of our usual 12V on-off switch or RF 11-key controller. You will need to control your setup with your wall switch. You can pick this option from the drop down menu.

Please note that, unlike the standard LED Strips, the Rigid LED Bars are not self adhesive. We recommend using the double sided tape for LED Strips to install the Rigid LED Bar to the desired surface. To make sure the installation is secure, use the double sided tape on the full length of the bar.

White LED bars can be used for different applications, thanks to its two available shades of white: Warm White, which is suitable to replace most incandescent lights and Cool White, which is preferable for locations where a neon would normally be used. For more information on which shade would suit your needs, visit the LED Bulb buying guide.

Length: 1m
Width: 2.5cm
Height: 1cm
LED chip: 5050 smd
Voltage:  12V DC


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