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15 to 20 meter 3528 Single Color LED Strip Kit



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15 to 20 meter 3528 Single Color LED Strip Kit

You can now connect up to 20 meters (64 feet) of continuous 3528 LED Strip with the Single Color 15 to 20 Meter LED Strip Bundle from LED Strip Canada. The Single Color 20 Meter LED Strip kit is great for the LED enthusiast who wishes to light all around his home theater room or for the home owner that always wanted that special staircase controlled with a single remote.

The Single Color 20 Meter LED Strip Bundle consists of 4 x 5 meters 3528 LED Strips (3 x 5 meters for the 15m kit). Each Strip has 300 individual LEDs for a total of up to 1200 LED. The kit is powered by a strong, 10A power supply and controlled by a high capacity RF dimmer and an advanced 11 key remote control. The remote control features 6 different flash modes as well as 3 pre programmed intensities and manual dimming. Since the small RF (Radio Frequency) dimmer does not require any sensors, it can be hidden almost anywhere, making your installation easy and control of your strips fun and convenient. As a matter of fact, the Kit can be controlled from a different room or even from outside your house, within a range of up to 30 meters.

The Single Color 20 Meter LED Strip Bundle is offered in a choice of 5 different colors: Cool White (6000K), Warm White (3200K), Red, Blue and Green. All Strips come with a splash proof, iP65 silicone coating and are self adhesive. The Warm and Cool White Strips are also offered in the iP68, submersible version that is, however, not self adhesive. Double sided 3M tape can be purchased separately. All options can be selected in the drop down menus when placing your order. Please be aware that the waterproofing rating only applies to the strips themselves. Connections, power supplies, remotes and dimmers should not be exposed to liquids or moisture.

Putting the kit together is easy. Simply connect 10 meters of Strip (2 Strips) on each side of the Y shape connector provided in the kit. Simply put, the power will come from the middle of the strip and you will get 10 meters to the left and 10 meters to the right of your power supply. Then hook up the male part of the RF dimmer to the splitter and the female connector of the dimmer to the power supply. Make sure you carefully follow these steps and that the power supply has a minimum of 3 Strips connected to it at once when the power supply is connected, as connecting only 1 or 2 Strips to a live 10A power supply may permanently damage the Strips. This kit was designed and tested to work perfectly with all provided part. In order to keep your strip damage free, do not attempt to replace the dimmer or the power supply with other products without consulting one of our experts before doing so.


Technical Drawing 20 Meter Single Color RF

Can this be installed outside in a dry location?

Have covered deck and would like to use this to light up outside deck. Please advice.

Asked by Evert | 12/10/2013, 12:11 | 1 answer(s)

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