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Single Color Warm White 5 Meter 5050 LED Strip Bundle With Dimmer
Single Color Warm White 5 Meter 5050 LED Strip Bundle With Dimmer Single Color LED Strip 300 LEDs 12V 6A Power Supply for LED Strips Dimmer for Single Color LED Strip Technical Drawing LED Strip Single Color 300 led 5050

Epistar Warm White 5 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit with Dimmer

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Epistar Warm White 5 Meter 5050 LED Strip kit with Dimmer

LED Strip Canada brings you the brightest LED strip available! From the world leader in LED components, the Epistar 5050 chip gives you almost three times the brightness of a normal LED chip. This strip really is the ultimate Single Color Warm White LED Strip. Powered by a super charged 12V, 6A adaptor, The Epistar 300 Single color LED Strip that will give you the best lighting you will ever get from a LED Strip.

The 300 LED Epistar single color Warm White LED Strip is the versatile lighting tool you've been searching for! Need to light the back of a TV but the space is lacking? The 300 LED Epistar single color strip is a mere 1cm wide and can be ready to light up that space in only minutes! Why use heavy, expensive and noisy neon under your kitchen cabinets when the 300 LED Epistar single color strip is as bright, way more aesthetic and consumes less energy than a neon.  

Don't need your strip to always be ultra bright? No problem! The included dimmer allows you to tone down the brightness of your strip to create the desired ambient lighting. We even have solderless connectors and extension wire available if your project requires that you bypass an appliance or your oven fan in order to complete it. Contact one of LED Strip Canada's experts today, they will be able to guide you and suggest the best accessories for your needs.


The kit includes:
1 - 300 LED Epistar5050 LED strip, warm white (3200K)
1 - 12V 6A Power supply
1 - Dimmer with remote

Want the light to turn on automatically when someone's around? Use the PIR Motion Detector with your LED Strip bundle, it's a super effective add-on piece!

Note that if you're planning on installing your LED strip sideways or upside down, we strongly suggest using extra adhesive such as double sided tape.

Note about the 3 key dimmer:
If the dimmer is not connected properly, the strip will turn on but the remote won’t work. In order for the remote to work, you need to connect the power supply in the dimmers INPUT, the strip connects in the OUTPUT. If once connected properly the remote doesn’t work, keep the on/off button pushed down for about 30 secs. That will resync the dimmer with the remote.

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