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Single Color Multi Flex LED Strip Kit



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Single Color Multi Flex LED Strip Kit

LED Strip Canada now offers you the possibility of building your own Single Color LED kit starting at only $59.95 with the new Multi Flex kit. Start by choosing your dimmer/controller from the 4 options available. From the simple wired switch all the way to our new RF (Radio Frequency) micro controller that comes with an advanced 11 key, without forgetting our wall dimmer and the classic RF dimmer that comes with a 3 key remote, we have the ideal dimmer for your project.

You can adapt your Multi Flex LED Strip Kit to the environment it will be used in with the second pull down menu. It will allow you to choose the length of your LED Strip between the 5 and 10 meter option and to select the waterproofing of your LED Strip from either splash proof (iP65). The splash proof version is available in two brightness levels: standard (3528) or ultra bright (5050).

Once you have determined which controller/dimmer and type of LED Strip that you want, you will have to decide which tone of white you prefer. All LED Strip kits come in Warm White (3200K) or Cool White (6000K). However, if you have chosen a standard brightness, splash proof (3528, iP65) Strip, you will then have the possibility of getting your Single Color LED in Red, Blue and Green on top of the two standard whites.

LED Strip Canada also makes it possible for to make your 5 meter Single Color LED Strip of 3528 Brightness completely mobile with the battery pack. Note that only the standard electrical power pack is available for all other LED Strips and for all 10 meter Strips.

If you are looking to install ip67 submersible LED strips to your awning, RV, docks, or anything of that nature, we invite you to read our page on how to install your under awning LED strips.

Want the light to turn on automatically when someone's around? Use the PIR Motion Detector with your LED Strip bundle, it's a super effective add-on piece!

For every 15m-20m 3528 kit or 10m 5050 kit, your package will include a Y shape splitter, which you need in order to split your circuit as evenly as possible. On longer circuits like these, the light might tend to get dim on the ends if power isn't distributed evenly.

Q: I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, can I cut and reconnect my LED strip?
A: Yes you can cut and reconnect your strip, to know how it’s done, visit the how to use solderless connectors page

Note about the 3 key dimmer:
If the dimmer is not connected properly, the strip will turn on but the remote won’t work. In order for the remote to work, you need to connect the power supply in the dimmers INPUT, the strip connects in the OUTPUT. If once connected properly the remote doesn’t work, keep the on/off button pushed down for about 30 secs. That will resync the dimmer with the remote.

They are made in China, all our power supplies are certified for Canada and the USA

Asked by Maria | 01/09/2016, 18:53 | 0 answer(s)

I bought 2 * 5m strips of ES-3528-60 and a 12 volt power supply + dimmer (wall)...I divided them in 13 strips of 15 leds each...(to stick under new steps...) Should I connect srips together in parallel or in series?

Asked by Stephane Beaufils | 12/09/2013, 20:32 | 1 answer(s)

Are all lights 12 volt ? On my boat can I connect directly to my 12 volt electrical system by not using the transformer that is included. I presume that your transformer reduces from 120 to 12 volt

Asked by Pete | 09/15/2013, 17:12 | 1 answer(s)

I am doing a project that has some tighter horizontal angles. Do you know if there is a horizontal angle limit on these lights? Would these lights be able to be cut into sections and used together with connectors?

Asked by Dakota | 07/16/2013, 20:57 | 1 answer(s)