24V DC iP67 Outdoor LED Driver 250W

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24V DC iP67 Indoor/Outdoor LED Driver 250W

IMPORTANT: This transformer (driver) is not intended for low-voltage LED strips. Powerful transformers (Class 1) like this one are reserved for professional LED applications involving load division through recognized fuses, inspection, and recertification of the installation by an accredited body (UL, Intertek, QPS, or similar). Your electrician does not have the authority to complete this inspection. You can expect fee of around $1000 to certify your project through an inspector.

Make sure to purchase the appropriate driver for your low-voltage LED strips as they must be connected to a transformer with a maximum power of 96W at 24V or 60W at 12V (Class 2) to create an installation that complies with certification standards and the electrical code (no inspection required). We also offer 24V drivers with multiple 96W outputs that allow you to use a single component for multiple lights. The use of transformers exceeding the maximum power voids product warranties and makes your installation unsafe

Are you looking for a 24V LED transformer with direct connection that you can install safely outdoors for your Class 1 low-voltage application? LED Montreal offers its complete range of Indoor/Outdoor 24V transformers, perfect for this type of job!
The iP67 24V Class 1 Transformer provides a constant 24V DC output and is equipped with two sets of separate wires for incoming AC current and outgoing DC current: The AC input wiring set is 1 meter long and is bundled with a standard 120V wall plug. You will find the two DC output wires under the white sheath: red for positive and black for negative.

In compliance with global safety standards, this transformer is certified to Canadian standards by Intertek and meets Canadian electrical safety standards.

This transformer has built-in protections against short circuits, current overloads, voltage overloads, and extreme temperatures. All circuits of this transformer are protected in an air-cooled, watertight metal structure.

Important Note: This power supply is not compatible with AC dimmers. To dim your LEDs with this power supply, you will have to use a low voltage DC dimmer. For AC dimmable power supplies refer to the Universal Dimmable Power Supplies.

Technical Specifications:

24V 250W (10.42A)
LED Driver Input: 100-265VaC 47/63Hz 2.0A
Output: 24Vdc 10.42.0A
Max.Output Wattage: 250W
Dimensions: 22 cm ( 24.2 cm including brackets) x 6.9 cm x 4.6 cm
Certification: cETLus

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