Custom Services for LED Strips and Aluminum Profiles

Every installation is different and may be too unusual for standard accessories. That is when you realize that you require a solution to be adjusted to your needs. Let us do the job for you! Get the lighting you always wanted in the areas you want (such as under cabinets, around electrical appliances) without having to cut and solder your LED strips yourself.

You‘ve read correctly! You will be getting the beauty and precision of a fully customized kit with the ease of installation of a plug and play product.

Many of our products can be customized for you
For basic projects, we will be happy to cut your LED strips to your desired measurements and install bypass wires between your sets of LEDS. Please note that LED strips can be cut at every 3 or 6 LEDS depending on the voltage you choose, therefore we will do our best to come as close as possible to your required measurements. However, if you require very precise lengths of LEDs, we recommend going with LEDs installed in an aluminum profile.

Aluminium Profiles
For more sophisticated projects, LED Montreal can build custom LED lighting in Aluminum profiles. Profiles have many advantages over LED strips alone. First, they provide proper heat dissipation for your LED strip as some of our high-output LED strips require to be installed with a proper heat sink. Consult our LED Single Color Buying Guide for more info.

Other than prolonging the life of your LED Strips, the Aluminum Profile also gives a more esthetic look to your strips. As a matter of fact, our LUX740 Profile with a premium diffuser, when matched with 2216 LED Strips will provide you with a lighting that is free of hot spots (also known as LED dots). In other words, the continuous lighting profile will give you the same sleek and smooth lighting that you would find in traditional neon, but in a warm ambient light. These high tech profiles are ideal when your LED Strip is installed near a reflective surface, such as quartz or glass counter. Want that cool continuous light effect in a multi color Strip? Our 3535 24V RGB LED Strip will give you that cool effect as well.

Aluminum profiles are also an affordable way to install your LED Strips in a corner and have them shine at a 45 degree angle. You can even get a continuous effect in our 45 degree profile if you use a 2216 LED Strip with 300 LEDs per meter.

Here is a quick breakdown of our most popular LED Profiles:
•    LUX740: surface mount: 4 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet
•    LUX745: recessed: 4 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet
•    LUX2200: 45° surface mount: 4 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet
•    LUX710: thin surface mount: 4 feet, 8 feet and 10 feet
•    Note that these models offer a variety of diffusers.

*The U shape thin profile is not recommended for 2835 or other high powered LEDs

How much does it cost?
LED Montreal makes it simple and affordable to have custom LEDs. You buy it, we build it. Simply put, you buy everything you need on our website and pay a per-bar fee for customization, regardless of the length of each bar or LED strip. Each project starts with a unique set up fee starting at 20.00$ + installation fee per cut/solder. Contact us for the details

Please note that we only offer custom services on single color strips. We do not offer custom services for RGB, RGBW, and RGBWCCT strips. We do not do any projects for outdoor or high humidity environments. We only work with iP20 grade LED strips. We do not do corners or connections between sections. For single color strips, corners, connections and extensions are made using male/female connectors.

For LED Strips only:

Customization fee includes:
•    Cutting your LED strip to your specified length
•    Soldering the desired amount of wire or a connector on your LED strip
•    Adding heat shrink at each connection for protection

For LED Profiles:

Customization fee includes:
•    Cutting the LED strip
•    Cutting the aluminum profile and diffuser
•    Installation of your specific length of wire on the LED strip
•    Putting the profile and LED together, including installation of the caps and diffuser.

For more information on our customized services and LED products, please contact us at LED Montreal.