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LED Montreal offers affordable quality LED Bulbs, LED Strips and LED Gadgets. You can buy your LED lights directly from Canada and receive them overnight. This page contains different articles about LED Lighting.

I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, can I cut and reconnect my LED strip?
Yes, to know how to install LED Strips under your cabinet, visit the how to install LED strips under your cabinets

I want to install LED strips under my awning and I'm wondering what products I should use and how to install it properly, can you help me? Yes, for a walkthrough on what to do and which products to use in this situation, check out the How to install your under awning LED strips page.

I want to use solderless connectors to extend my LED Strip circuits, how do I proceed exactly? For specific instructions, visit the page on How to cut and reconnect your LED Strips using solderless connectors.

Warm white or cool white, which LED bulb should you choose?
Whether it's for LED strips or LED bulbs, we often get asked which type of LED to choose. We have put together a simple guide that will help you to determine which type of white is best suited for your application: Warm white or cool white, which LED bulb should you choose?

Are you looking for LED Bulbs and want to buy Canadian? Then visit this page:
Benefits of LED Bulbs. Buy LED Bulbs Directly From Canada

This article is comparing incandescent light and light emitting diode (LED).
Incandescent Light vs Light Emitting Diode (LED)

What are RGB LED Strips, how do RGB LED Strips work.
Ever wonder how RGB LED Strips work? Red, Green, and Blue colors are electronically mixed to produce a fantastic array of colors. LED Montreal is proud to now offer affordable RGB LED Strip kits to Canadians, we have the most competitive prices in Canada. Comparable LED Strips sell for as much as 4 times more in specialised retail stores and often don’t include a remote, LED controller and power supply. On top of that, you will save money on your energy bill. Our LED Strip kits consume hardly any electricity (32 watts for the 150 LEDs entry model) and give off very little heat!

How does RGB LED Strip technology work?
Our entry Level RGB LED Strip kit is 5 meters long and includes 150 individual 5050 LED chips (150 individual lights if you prefer). 5050 LED Chips are 5mm long by 5mm wide, the Strip itself is 1cm wide. Our 5050 RGB LED Chips contain three single color 3528 LED Chips. The combination of these three colors covers the full spectrum of colors.

The included RGB controller works using PMW technology (pulse-width modulation), which means that at a certain frequency, it turns each LED on and off or adjust the light intensity (this is exactly the same technique used to dim single color LED Strips). If you turn the blue LED off completely for instance, the red and green will create a yellow light together. The color can be manipulated with the frequency of the individual LEDs on and off modes. If you add a bit of blue to this yellow, you will receive a lighter green shade. You can select the color of your choice simply by using the included LED remote.

What is the full range of effects possible with RGB LED strip lighting?
Our entry level RGB LED Strip kit has a pre-programmed set of 16 colors, the colors can rotate according to the selected mode: Flash, strobe, fade... The range of colours displayed can be widened with the knowledge of the strip and obviously the knowledge of the controller. Our Advanced LED Strip kit includes a 44 key remote that can produce more colors and more modes. Our RGB LED Strips are also compatible with professional stage effect controllers called DMX controllers. DMX controllers can display several million colors. Besides the regular RGB LED strip lights which can emit several shades of colours, but only one at a time, we also offer multiple color LED strips called DREAM Color RGB LED strips. This type of RGB LED Strip requires a special RGB controller. RGB LED Strip kits are sold with the controller and power supply suitable for their operation.