We are constantly updating our FAQ. We are adding new answers as new questions flow in. Please note that each product has its own FAQ, therefore, you should visit the product page and consult the FAQ tab should you have a question specific to an item. If there's no question for the product, please submit one! For general questions, you can always reach us at info@ledmontreal.com

Q: I have a question but I don’t feel like reading the FAQ...
A: Give us a call at 514-225-3777 (Montreal), 1-855-533-4685 (toll free) or e-mail us: info@ledmontreal.com we'll be glad to assist you.

Q: Do you have guides on how to install and use certain products? 
A: Yes, visit the USER & INSTALLATION GUIDES page here.

Q: I am interested in buying RGB Strips and need a controller and remote. There are too many to choose from. How can I know which one to purchase to best suit my needs?
A: The RGB Controllers and Remotes Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the best RGB controller according to your project's needs. Find all the information you need - types of controllers and remotes, specs, key features and much more.

Q: How may I know which RGB strip to purchase? What are the differences?
A: Please visit our RGB Strip Buyer's Guide for more information.

Q: Do you offer customized services? I am uncomfortable with cutting and soldering my own LED Strips?
A: Yes we do.  LED Montreal offers Custom Services for LED Strips and Aluminium Profiles at a very reasonable and affordable price. View all the details by visiting the CUSTOM SERVICES page.

Q: I would like to install White LED Strips in my home but am unsure what strips to buy. Do you have a guide to help me make a selection?
A: The Single Color LED Strip Buyer's Guide is available which includes Strip specifications such as light output, shades of white available, chip sizes, required power source and much more.

Q: I want to install LED strips under my cabinets but I have to go around my stove fan or microwave, what's the best way to do it and can I cut and reconnect my LED strip?
A: Yes you can cut and reconnect your strip, visit the How to install LED Strips under your cabinets page

Q:How do I proceed exactly in order to cut and reconnect my LED strips using solderless connectors?
A: For specific instructions, visit the page on How to cut and reconnect your LED Strips using solderless connectors

Q: I want to install LED strips under my awning (or on my RV, boat, docks, etc.) and I'm wondering what products I should use and how to install it properly, can you help me?

A: Yes, for a walkthrough on what to do and which products to use in this situation, check out the How to install your under awning LED strips page.

Q: Is there any specials or promotions right now?

A: Maybe, check out the Discounts & Promotions page to find out!

Q: Do you have a physical store? Is it open to the public? Can I see the products before I buy? What are your opening hours? 

We have a store with a showroom in Montreal, near the Atwater market. All our products are in demonstration in the showroom. You are also welcome to make your purchases in store. Visit the Contact Us page for our address and Hours of operation.

Q: How do I get to your store from my area? How do I find parking there? Where is your store inside the building?

A: If you want detailed instructions on all of those things, please visit our page on How to get to the LED Montreal store.

Q: I'm going to Burning Man (or a similar event) this year and I want to get prepared in advance, do you have battery powered lighting solutions for me? 
A: Yes we do! You'll find information and ideas on the Burning Man, LED Montreal.

Q: I'm going to Un Tour de Nuit this year what do you have to offer me?
A: Find many suggestions on the Un Tour la Nuit page.

Q: I'm looking for LED lights to decorate my bicycle and to make my night rides safer, got anything for me?
A: Yes, many things! You can read about it on the LED Lights for Bicycle page.

Q: I need some ideas, do you have pictures of LED projects made with your products?

A: Yes we do! Check out the Photo Gallery.

Q: I have a complex project and I need advice, can you help?

A: Sure! Simply contact us.

Q: Do you offer delivery in my region? How much does delivery cost?

A: we offer delivery throughout Canada, the United States as well as most countries. In order to calculate your shipping cost, add all the items to your basket and click on Checkout. For more info on delivery, please visit the Shipping section.

Q: I see that you have a store in Montreal, however, I live outside of the city. Do you have a store in my area? Can I get your products somewhere else?

A: Our products are available online and at our Montreal location exclusively. If you live too far to drop by, simply have the items delivered, delivery is fast and affordable.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We accept returns for online orders within 14 days. We can only accept items that are new (unused). For more details concerning our return policy, please see the 'returns' section within our Term and Conditions page.

Q: What warranty is offered on your products?

A: All products are covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Any modification, alteration, cut, physical damage, abuse or any usage made outside of the product's normal purpose voids your warranty. For more information on our warranties, please visit the Warranty section of our Term and Conditions page.

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