Self Soldering/Sealing Wire Connector HP-SST (Bag of 10)

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Self Soldering/Sealing Wire Connector HP-SST (Bag of 10)

Our Self Soldering/Sealing Wire Connectors are designed for electricians and installers who require a reliable, efficient solution for wire connections in low voltage circuits. These connectors are perfect for transitioning from solid core wire to multi-braid wire, joining two multi-braid wires, extending wires, or reducing wire gauge. They are compatible with both AC and DC applications, suitable for all voltages up to 110 volts AC. These connectors are UL LIsted for Canada and the USA.

Color Coding and Models:

To simplify the process, our connectors are transparent, featuring a color-coded system for easy identification:

Red Connectors: Ideal for AWG 22-18 wires.
Blue Connectors: Best suited for AWG 16-14 wires.

We offer three models to cater to various requirements:

Both Ends Blue: For joining two AWG 16-14 wires.
Both Ends Red: For connecting two AWG 22-18 wires.
One End Red, One End Blue: For transitions between AWG 16-14 and AWG 22-18 wires.

Installation Guidelines:

For optimal results, we recommend twisting the wires together before shrinking the connector. This ensures a tight, secure connection. The integrated solder within the connector melts under heat, effectively joining the wires.

When connecting a solid core wire with a multi-braid wire, wrap the multi-braid wire around the solid core 3 to 4 times before using the connector. This technique guarantees a robust and solid connection. Both wires should be correctly positioned under the solder ring before initiating the heat shrink process.

Usage and Safety Instructions:

A heat gun is required to seal the connector. It's important not to use alternatives like lighters or hair dryers, as they can lead to suboptimal results. The connectors not only facilitate a strong connection but also provide proper insulation, ensuring safety and reducing circuit resistance.

Packaging and Availability:

The connectors are available in convenient packs of 10, ensuring you have enough for multiple installations or repairs.


Our Self Soldering/Sealing Wire Connectors are an established and trusted solution in the field of electrical installations. They have been aiding professionals for years in creating efficient, safe, and durable wire connections.

Shrinkage ratio 2 to 1
Waterproof for wiring splices
Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection
Easy control soldering process
Minimum Shrink Temp. 60℃
Minimum Fully Recover Temp.110℃
Fully melt temperature of solder: 138℃

PDF IconInstallation-Guide-Multi-Braid-to-Multi-Braid-Self-Soldering-Sealing-Wire-Connector-HP-SST(pdf)

PDF IconInstallation-Guide-Solid-Core-to-Multi-Braid-Self-Soldering-Sealing-Wire-Connector-HP-SST(pdf)

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