24V 3W Single Color CCT Adjustable Professional Grade 80mm Downlight LED Puck

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24V 3W Single Color CCT Adjustable Professional Grade 80mm Downlight LED Puck 

This versatile CCT Adjustable downlight LED Puck can either be recessed or surface mounted (with the optional mounting ring). Bring beautiful lighting under your kitchen cabinets, in your custom furniture or in your display! 

This CCT Adjustable downlight LED puck can be set to make three different shades of whites: 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Natural White) and 6000K (Cool White). All you need to do is flip the color switch under the trim and Voilà! Want to renovate your kitchen and switch from dark wood to stainless steel counters? Changing your lights from Warm to Natural White will not cost you a dime and can be done in under 5 minutes!
But that’s not all. This CCT Adjustable downlight LED puck also features interchangeable trims! You can choose to keep the basic white, but you can also purchase a chrome trimming or a black trimming to better match your existing decoration! Imagine the possibilities.
Contractors! This CCT Adjustable recessed LED puck lets you save an incredible amount of money on inventory costs as you no longer need to have 3 types of white and 3 types of trimmings in stock. Your Client wants a 4000K Light with a Chrome Trimming? Simply flip the CCT Switch and Clip on a Chrome Trimming and you have a satisfied client!

Providing 200 lumens of light at 3000K with a 120 degree angle, this puck is featuring Authentic Epistar Chips, this Downlight puck is cETLus Listed meaning that it will pass the strictest building inspection in Canada or the US when hooked up to a Class 2 Power Supply. 

The casing of this professional grade LED puck measures 80mm wide and is made of solid aluminum and is offered in either silver or white. The casing itself is 18mm deep when recessed and the front ring is only 4mm in height. The optional mounting ring is 19mm high and will give a 24mm high fixture once the puck and trim installed. If you choose to recess your Professional Grade LED Downlight Puck, you will need to cut a hole of 50 to 51mm in diameter in the surface in order to install your LED Downlight Puck. 

Although each puck uses 3W of power, we recommend using 4W of power per puck at 24V DC. As this puck can be dimmed, you can use one of our dimmable 24V power supplies to control its intensity. You can also use one of our plug-in or hard wired power supplies should you decide not to dim your LED Downlight Puck. You can always add one of our low voltage dimmers to your standard power supply should you wish to dim your product down the road. 

The Downlight LED puck is equipped with 25cm of wire and a female DC connector that allows it to connect straight to our plug-in transformers or DC splitters. We also provide you with an adaptor for hard wired power supplies. Need more than 25cm of wire; you can extend your wire by up to 2m with our plug and play DC extensions. Note that the Downlight puck needs to be connected in parallel, LED Montreal offers a variety of DC Splitters that will let you connect up to 4 pucks to your power supply. 

24V 3W Single Color CCT Adjustable Professional Grade 80mm Downlight LED Puck

Installation: Recessed
Diameter: 80mm (3 5/32”)
Recessed Hole: 50mm (2 11/64”)
Thickness: 18mm (45/64”) and 22.5mm (57/64”) with surface casing
Wire Length: 25cm (9 27/32”)
Casing: White, Chrome or Black
LED Chips: Epistar
Certification: cULus
Waterproofing: iP20
Luminous Flux: 200-220 lm/puck
Available Shades of White: Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4000K), Cool White (6000K)
Lighting Angle: 120°
LED Consumption: 3W per puck at 24V DC, we recommend using at least 4W per puck for your power supply
Lifespan: 50 000 hours

Optional mounting ring: 

Colors available: White or Black
Diameter: 80mm (3 5/32”)
Height: 19mm (3/4”) et 24mm (15/16”) with puck installed

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