24V 5m iP20 RGB+W CCT 5050 LED Strip - 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

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24V 5m iP20 RGB+W CCT 5050 LED Strip - 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

Standard RGB LED Strips are highly appreciated for their large choice of colors but pose a slight problem when the time comes to produce a white tint. Indeed, they use a mixture of basic colors (Red, Green and Blue) which produces a Cool White with accents that are bluish or even purple.

Traditional RGB + W LED strips, for their part, limit you to a single shade of white.
The cULus Listed LED RGB + Variable White Strip (also called CCT) from LED Montreal allows you to obtain the full spectrum of RGB shades IN addition to a variety of whites ranging from 2400K to 6500K. This chromatic prowess is accomplished thanks to the 5050 LED modules which each include 5 distinct lights: Red, Green, Blue, 2400K White and 6500K White. Each RGB + White LED Strip has 300 LEDs over 5 meters or if you prefer, 60 LEDs per meter, which gives it a great light output, regardless of the color chosen.

In short, you can create a cozy atmosphere with an Antique Warm White of 2400K for your intimate evenings, use a Daylight white to prepare dinner and change colors for parties of all kinds.
This LED strip is rated iP20, so it does not offer any protection against water. The iP20 tape without silicone protection is ideal for indoor installations in aluminum profiles. In addition, no connector is available for this type of Tape.
The RGB + White LED Strip is available in 24V (unlike traditional Strips which use a voltage of 12V), which allows you to operate this strip with a Class 2 power supply and add extensions without a significant voltage loss. Since this Strip operates on a 24V circuit, DO NOT USE A 12V TRANSFORMER for this Strip. In addition, the Variable White + RGB LED Strip is 12mm wide. It is wider than the standard 10mm 5050 strips. It also has 6 connectors compared to 4 for the traditional RGB Strip. Therefore, there is no solderless connector available on the market for this Strip.
You must use an RGB+W CCT controller (6 connectors) for this kind of Strip. The two controllers of choice are the FUT039 (combined with the B4 panel and / or the FUT092 remote control) or the very advanced WL5 Wi-Fi which can be controlled via your mobile device / tablet and with the Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant systems.
If you need to cut and reconnect it, the Strip is cuttable at every 6 LEDs (10cm) and we suggest you solder your wires directly on the Strip or take advantage of our custom soldering service by contacting us to place your order. It is good to know that there is a set of 6 wires of about 20cm at each end of your 5m Strip. So you can cut it in half without any problem and without having to solder.


Certification: cULus for Canada and USA E498952

Chip: Epistar 5050 RGBW CCT SMD 5 in 1
Chip density: 60 LEDs per meter
Can be cut: All 6 LEDs (100mm)
Length: 5 meters
Width: 12mm
Height: 5mm

Voltage: 24V DC
Power Consumption: 14.4W/m at 24V on Multi Zone Controller
                                  14.4W/m at 24V on 5 in 1 RF Multi Zone Controller
Recommended Power: 18W/m at 24V on Multi Zone Controller
                                    18W/m at 24V on 5 in 1 RF Multi Zone Controller
Recommended power supply for 5m: 96W, Class 2 power supply required
Typical luminous flux on white: 400 Lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin degrees chosen)
Available colors: RGB + Adjustable White (2400K to 6500K)
CRI: 80+
Lighting angle: 120°
Lifespan: 50 000 Hours

Self-adhesive: 3M
iP rating: iP20
Suitable environment: For indoor use only
Operating temperature: 40C to -10C
Connections included: 6 wires (17cm) on one end and 6 wires (17cm) on the other end
Dimmable: Yes, with a low voltage dimmer/remote combo
Heat dissipation: Must be installed on a heat dissipating surface or in appropriate aluminum channel

LED Strip Specifications
cULus for Canada and USA E498952
Epistar 5050 RGB+W CCT SMD 5 in 1
Chip density
60 LEDs per meter
Can be cut
All 6 LEDs (100mm)
5 meters
24V DC
Power consumption
Recommended power supply
Typical luminous flux
400 Lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin degrees chosen)
CRI (Color Rendering Index)
Lighting angle
50 000+ Hours
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