24V 5m iP65+ RGB+W 5050 LED Strip - 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

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24V 5m iP65+ RGB+W 5050 LED Strip - 60 LEDs/m (Strip Only)

Standard RGB Strips are appreciated because of their wide variety of colors but do tend to cause a slight problem when the time comes to reproducing white. Since the Standard RGB Strip uses a mix or Red, Blue and Green to makes colors, its version of the color white tends to be very blue or even purple. 

The cULus Certified RGB + White Strip kit from LED Montreal will output the full RGB Spectrum PLUS a true White. This chromatic prowess is achieved with special 5050 Chips that integrate 4 separate lights: Red, Green, Blue and White. Each Strip features 300 Chips over a span of 5 meters, or if you prefer, 60 LEDs per meters, giving this Strip an amazing brightness, no matter what color you select. Note that the RGB+W Strip will only produce one shade of White, either it be warm white, natural white or cool white. You will be able to select the white you prefer in the pull down menu when placing your order.

When used with the RGBW FUT038 Controller, your Strip will produce one color at a time. Therefore, you cannot obtaine a white and a color at the same time. This limits the Strip's consumption to 10W/m. We then recommend using 12W/m on your power supply.

When used with the WL5 WIFI Controller, you will be able to mix the white and the colors in order to obtain a more pastel shade. At that point, we recommend using 18W per meter for your power supply.

This high quality Strip features our revolutionary iP65+ waterproofing technology. The iP65+ coating protects your strip all around with a silicon sleeve that remains clear and flexible through time. iP65+ strips are ideal for indoor and light duty outdoor usage. For outdoor applications where the strip will be directly exposed to the elements, we recommend iP67+ grade strips.

Note that the RGB+White Strip is offered in 24V (opposite most Strips that will run on 12V).
Furthermore, you will notice that this Strip is 14.5mm wide,which is wider than the Standard 10mm 5050 Strip. As well, given that this Strip offers 4 colors, it features 5 connectors unlike the Standard RGB Strip that normally features 4 connectors. This being said, solderless connectors are yet to be made available for this product. Should you require to cut and reconnect your RGB+White Strip, it can be cut every 6 LED (10cm)and we suggest soldering wires directly on your Strip to advantage of our customization services by calling us to place your order. Minimum fees of 15.95$ + taxes are applicable for each extension installed.


Certification: cULus for Canada and USA E498952

Chip: Epistar 5050 RGBW SMD 4 in 1
Chip density: 60 LEDs per meter
Can be cut: All 6 LEDs (100mm)
Length: 5 meters
Width: 14.5mm
Height: 5mm

Voltage: 24V DC
Power Consumption: 9.6W/m at 24V on Multi Zone Controller
                                  14.4W/m at 24V on 5 in 1 RF Multi Zone Controller
Recommended Power: 12W/m at 24V on Multi Zone Controller
                                    18W/m at 24V on 5 in 1 RF Multi Zone Controller
Recommended power supply for 5m: 96W, Class 2 power supply required
Typical luminous flux on white: 400 Lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin degrees chosen)
Available colors: RGB + White (3000K, 4000K or 6000K)
CRI: 80+
Lighting angle: 120°
Lifespan: 50 000 Hours

Self-adhesive: 3M
iP rating: iP65+
Suitable environment: Suitable for dry, humid environment. Indoor and protected outdoor use.
Operating temperature: 40C to -10C
Connections included: 5 wires (17cm) on one end and 5 wires (17cm) on the other end
Dimmable: Yes, with a low voltage dimmer/remote combo
Heat dissipation: Not necessary but recommended to be installed on a heat dissipating surface or in appropriate aluminum channel

PDF IconRGBW-24V-5050-LED-Strip-EN-CDNLUX.pdf

LED Strip Specifications
cULus for Canada and USA E498952
Epistar 5050 RGB+W SMD 4 in 1
Chip density
60 LEDs per meter
Can be cut
All 6 LEDs (100mm)
5 meters
24V DC
Power consumption
Recommended power supply
Typical luminous flux
400 Lumens/m (will slightly vary depending on Kelvin degrees chosen)
4000K Natural White
CRI (Color Rendering Index)
Lighting angle
50 000+ Hours
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